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Downie 4.2.6 Crack is a tool that allows you to download a video from the internet. It will be easier for you to download the videos you like and save them to your computer or smartphone. One of the easiest ways to download is to search for what video you want to download, then press and drag it into this application. Or another way by using the default browser from Downie which will do this.

Downie 5.2.6 Mac Full Version

With this application you can download many videos from many websites that provide these videos. Websites that are already connected to the Downie application are the most popular sites including Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram and many more. This app has key features that you should know about and try to use to download videos. We will review all the features in the Downie 4.2.6 Crack application.

Description for Downie 

As an application that functions as a tool to download videos, Downie has features that are no less complete than its competitors. For that you need to know the superior features that this application has, so that it can be a reference for you. Here is the review check it out;

    • Supports many sites ; This application supports many video provider websites, even more than 1000 websites that you can download videos from. Among them are websites (including YouTube, Vimeo, and others) and the number continues to grow rapidly to this day.
    • International ; This application provides a special license for language translation, so Downie is an application that is made to be used worldwide.
    • Frequent updates ; This application continues to make regular and periodic updates, also fixes for bugs in the application are carried out consistently.
    • Quick support ; This application is very fast in responding to the obstacles faced by its users, less than 24 hours customer email responses have been responded to.
    • Postprocessing ; This application supports files in MP4 and iTunes formats. Or you just want to download the sound, this app can do it for you.
    • 4K YouTube videos support ; Unlike other similar apps that can’t download HD files. Downie supports HD videos and even 4K resolution on Youtube and others.
    • (New) Updated UI ; Refurbished UI design with more features than ever.
    • (New) Major speed improvements ; It can combine many links from Youtube and the download speed is 6x faster than the previous version.
    • (New) Sandbox ; have more security in Sandbox
    • (New) Metadata Improvements ; The meta data available in Downie can already be written to an external JSON file for further customization purposes.
    • (New) Improved User-Guided Extraction ; the UGE window has a history history, you can create more favourite storage.
    • (New) Option to Go Menu-Only ; You can now use Downie in the menu bar.
    • (New) Much, much more ; Many updates and improvements have been made such as a custom naming scheme, the option to download MP4, cancel downloads, tag a video and so on.


Minimum System Requirement for Downie 4.2.6 Crack installation

The requirement to be able to run this application is not difficult, because this application can be used on many familiar OS systems. For more details about what OS is compatible or not, see our review below check it out:

  • Downie 4.2.6 Crack is compatible with Mac OS X Kodiak, 10.0/Cheetah, 10.1/Puma, 10.2/Jaguar, 10.3/Panther, 10.4/Tiger, 10.5/Leopard, 10.6/Snow Leopard, 10.7/Lion and us recommend on the latest version.
  • this software compatible with OS X 10.8/Mountain Lion, 10.9/Mavericks, 10.10/Yosemite, 10.11/El Capitan and we recommend the latest version.
  • Downie 4.2.6 Crack is compatible with macOS 10.12/Sierra, 10.13/High Sierra, 10.14/Mojave, 10.15/Catalina, 11.0/Big Sur and we recommend the latest version.
  • Downie 4.2.6 Crack is compatible with Hardware: Intel / Apple Chip (M1) / PowerPC Mac.

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