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EaseUS CleanGenius 2021 is the most popular Mac maintenance application, with this application you will be greatly helped so that your Mac device is more durable and not easily damaged. EaseUS CleanGenius is able to quickly scan for viruses or browser cache in one step. Viruses will be very dangerous if they stay on your Mac device, will make your Mac have problems in its performance, so that your Mac device system does not run optimally.

EaseUS CleanGenius mac Download

As for the browser cache, if it accumulates and is not permanently deleted, it will make your browsing slow down a bit and will affect the internal storage system of your Mac device. This application is highly recommended for Mac users, with this application your device will be maintained, kept clean and protected from viruses.

EaseUS CleanGenius 5  offers a useful feature, which is to scan various junk files in the internal storage and clear all browser caches in a matter of seconds. Guaranteed disk space of your Mac device will be back like new, fast and clean.


Main features of EaseUS CleanGenius 2022

As a very useful application to take care of disk space and delete all unnecessary junk files. You need to know the other main features, so that you will be satisfied with the performance of EaseUS CleanGenius 7. The following are the main features of EaseUS CleanGenius 2021 including:

  • Safe Cleaner : this application is able to clean all junk files, clean memory, or cache files in a safe way to free up your disk space.
  • Time Efficient : you can delete applications you no longer need, check if there are duplicate files of the same, and see the status of your Mac device whether it is still in good condition or not.
  • Save Cost : this app keeps your Mac device in good working order. This will save repair costs.
  • Fast Cleaner : clean all useless junk files, make free disk storage space, avoid slow performance caused by browser cache while protecting your privacy.
  • Plugin Cleaner : cleans browser plugins, extensions, and cache. Without having to delete your browsing bookmarks on the internet.
  • Memory Cleaner : clean up your Mac’s RAM, make Mac speed optimal again, and speed up system running processes.
  • Startup Optimization : optimizes apps that run automatically on Mac, controls when apps run automatically, and can schedule when your Mac will Shutdown.
  • Duplicate Finder : this application can scan duplicate files on your Mac device quickly, too many duplicate files will fill disk storage space and will slow down your Mac device.
  • App Uninstaller : You can also uninstall unused apps, managing disk space efficiently. How to use it you only need to press and point the application that is not locked into the trash icon.
  • Disk Usage Manager : this application can visualize the system, how big and small the files are, disk management will feel much easier for you.
  • Real-Time Disk Monitor : You can monitor HDD and SDD and how many files are there. If disk space starts to fill up, EaseUS CleanGenius will notify you.


The latest features in EaseUS CleanGenius Version 6.0 ?

In addition to the main features above, there are several updates that were made in version 5.0. The following are the latest features of EaseUS CleanGenius Version 5.0:

  • Redesign of the user interface
  • Fast cleaning of browse plugins from previous versions
  • Track duplicate files for Mac device optimization.


OS required for installation of EaseUS CleanGenius Version 6.0

To be able to enjoy and run this application, you need to know what OS is compatible with EaseUS CleanGenius. Here is a list of compatible OS:

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Kodiak, Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion and later versions
  • Supported with OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and later versions
  • Compatible with macOS Sierram High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur and later versions
  • Already supports processors: Intel and PowerPC Mac


link for download this easeus genius software

server 1 google drive

server 2 racaty

the link work 100% you can download and use it for free if you got an error you can comment in form bellow

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