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MailButler 2021 Mac is an application that makes it easy for you to manage email, but this application is specifically for those of you who often use Apple email. MailButler offers a special dashboard that is different from other popular emails such as gmail and yahoo, MailButler has different characteristics with various functions that are not much different from other email managers.

With a dynamic and simple email interface, MailButler users hope that it can simplify email management, whether it’s email for personal or business. To use MailButler you are required to register first, with the available login form making this MailButler much more secure. In addition to simplifying email management, you can also optimize your business with a variety of available features,

MailButler Full Version Mac

In addition, MailButler can also be used for daily purposes. After you try this application, you will feel the ease that is presented and certainly will not be disappointed with the performance and facilities provided. For more details about the main features in MailButler, you can read the review below:

Main features included in MailButler 2021 Mac

The main features that you can use when you install this application, or various additional features that are updated in the latest version, you can pay attention to in the review below:

  • Your email can be hidden and can be shown again, this feature can increase the privacy of your email.
  • You can get additional information regarding email, you can find out when the email was opened, on which device it was opened, and how often your email messages were opened. This feature is quite interesting and sufficient as additional information you need.
  • Email messages that you send can be scheduled, so that important emails that must be sent on time can be automatically sent. That way you avoid the problem of forgetting to send an email.
  • There are interesting templates you can use, there is also a signature feature which is very useful for business letters.
  • Writing an email can be done faster and easier, with email templates that are available and can be used at any time. It really helps shorten your business email writing time.
  • When you make a typo, you can retract the email so you can minimize the error between you and the client.
  • There is a feature that can alert you if there is a shortage or you don’t include an attachment.
  • In addition to email, you can also attach a specific agenda or note along with the email you want to send.
  • Delegating tasks that are practical and very easy for you to do, and you can also share templates with your signature on them.

How to install MailButler 2021 Mac app

For installation, it can be fairly easy, just like an application that has a crack file in it, if you still have difficulties with the installation process, you can read the reviews below:

  • Don’t forget to download MailButler 2021 Mac at the link below this post.
  • You can extract the existing file, then look for the crack file in it.
  • Move the crack file in the folder containing the files for the MailButler 2021 Mac installation.
  • After that you can install and run the application
  • If you are still having trouble downloading and installing, you can include your difficulties in the comments column. Or you can find the solution yourself in another article with a google search engine.


Operating System needed to run MailButler 2021 Mac app

Compatible OS for this applicationĀ  apart from windows, this application is not compatible with windows users. MailButler 2021 Mac compatible OS are:

  • Compatible with Mac OS X Kodiak version, Cheetah version, Puma version, Jaguar version, Panther version, Tiger version, Leopard version, Snow Leopard version and Lion version.
  • Supported with OS X Mountain Lion version, Mavericks version, Yosemite version, and El Capitan version.
  • Compatible with macOS Sierra version, High Sierra version, Mojave version, Catalina version, Big Sur version and the latest version
  • Already supports system hardware or processors such as: Intel and Apple Chip (M1) and PowerPC Mac.


you can download this software from this link


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