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PaintCode 3.4.8 Crack is an application that serves to create vector images that directly get Objective-C or C# image code. with this application you are free to imagine making images in various themes and resolutions needed. Not only that, the images you create will generate code as an asset for drawing user interface designs. The application makes you faster to generate images to change the appearance of the application project you are creating.

PaintCode Mac Full crack

There is a feature called StyleKits, this feature will integrate the generated code faster and very easily. StyleKits is a special Objective-C or C# class that contains all of your image galleries, colors, gradients, shadows, and other image assets. You can export all StyleKit classes from Paint Code Crack Mac with just one touch. Makes your work in customizing application project designs even easier to do.


All features contained in the PaintCode 3.4.8 Crack application

We are sure you must be very curious about the main features in this application, for that you need to listen to our review below regarding the excellent features in PaintCode 3.4.8 Crack, check it out;

  • Creating dynamic design drawings no longer takes a lot of time thanks to this application.
  • PaintCode Variables and Expressions can facilitate you to create dynamic parametric images with a good visual interface.
  • Multi-Canvas, Tabbed Workspace is the newest feature in this app. Now you can use multiple canvases in multiple tabs.
  • Any canvas you use can turn into an image in StyleKits code.
  • When you change the base color, it will also change all the existing child colors.
  • Creating a new color child will result in a permanent color relationship.
  • You can use the same color in multiple documents.
  • The app includes powerful bezier editing tools, smart and custom wizards, precise boolean operations, bulk export and import, vertical text alignment, hierarchical color library, and many other interesting features.
  • Other features include line layers, paths, text, and files from Adobe Photoshop can also be imported.
  • You can import PSD and SVG: Import all SVG documents into PaintCode application, convert all images you have created into Objective-C or C# drawing code.
  • The button for drawing can be adjusted and modified, and retrieves the result of the integration of the image code of any size.
  • You can specify the changes that occur to the image in adjusting the size.
  • Your other unique feature, you can change the color scheme of the app in one color and you can customize it again very easily.


Steps for the installation process of the PaintCode 4.4.8 Crack application

For the installation process you can follow the installation step by step which we will discuss next. The installation process is very simple and easy, of course you will not experience difficulties in this process. For that, see the reviews below, check it out ;

  • You need to download the PaintCode 3.4.8 Crack application on the link we have provided below.
  • After the download is complete, extract the downloaded file in the folder you specified earlier.
  • Copy the extracted file to the installation folder
  • Then install the PaintCode 3.4.8 Crack application
  • Done, you can use it now
  • If you have a problem, you can find a solution in a search engine, there are many articles that provide the solution, or you can leave a message in the comments column below.


OS Requirements for installation of PaintCode 

This application is compatible with many OS, so you don’t need to worry about it, but it’s good for you to see the reviews we have provided below about what OS is compatible with the PaintCode 3.4.8 Crack application, check it out;

  • Mac OS X Kodiak, 0 or Cheetah, 10.1 or Puma, 10.2 or Jaguar, 10.3 or Panther, 10.4 or Tiger, 10.5 or Leopard, 10.6 or Snow Leopard, 10.7 or Lion and later versions of Mac OS X are recommended.
  • Can used in OS X 8 or Mountain Lion, 10.9 or Latest version Mac os.
  • Compatible with macOS 12 or Sierra, 10.13 or High Sierraa, 10.14 mojave and big sur

you can download this software on two server link bellow

server 1 google drive

server 2 mediafire

the link work 100% if you found any error you can write a comment, have a nice day see you again !!!


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